I’m allergic to dogs and cats; I have been since I was a toddler. And not just runny eyes and sneezing but asthma. Bad asthma, which can last for days and leave me open to further infection. Fun.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you or a loved one is like me, then you know: the best medicine is stay away! But avoidance isn’t always possible [see airplane rides or hotels in Miami Beach or the South of France, etc..]

What most people who don’t have allergies don’t get is that putting your dog, for example, in the other room doesn’t make my allergies less - the dog lives in the house, hangs out on the couches, drools over everything, sheds everywhere. Thanks for the offer but that won’t work.

“Only a little” seems to be the non-allergic person’s understanding of allergies; a little won’t make you sick, just a little is okay. With allergies, a little can do all the damage of a ton. A little dog? Doesn’t matter. Allergies abound.

I’ve missed out on literally hundreds of events because of these allergies. But as I’ve gotten older and my allergies and asthma have lessened I’ve taken more and more chances, pushed myself to stay 10 minutes at a doggie party versus not going at all.

Which leads me to this weekend. A dear friend invited me out to her formerly kitty and doggy infested home for the weekend. Due to a kitty allergic former boyfriend, she had cleared out everything animal related and redid the house completely she assured me: mattresses, couches, towels, everything.

So I’m making an attempt and going to a formerly infested home to stay. Eek! For a four-day weekend! Double-eek! It may not work, I may get sick and come home [which I hope not]. But on the other hand I may have a lovely long weekend in the Hamptons and have challenged myself to push my limits, trust that the house is truly de-kittified, and have a nice time!

Wish me luck!


A summer weekend in the Hamptons is a wonderful way to test the waters of allergic reaction.
At least you will have wonderful scenery and clean air on the beaches.
I miss the shore but out here in Washington State we have the sound and all the bay breezes.
I wish you a reaction free weekend of fun and sun
Allergic Girl® said…
thank you GF momma! it was indeed so much fun--although doing a garden tour was not so good for the allergies...

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