The love of fine cuisine + Pixar animation + the brilliance of Brad Bird = Ratatouille. I’m so excited to see it I can’t wait!


I'm looking forward to your review!
Allergic Girl said…
im going to see it tonight actually, so will let you know!
will you take your older little guy?
Allergic Girl said…
so a quickie review: terrific, inventive; the technology is incredible; the details: hair strands, liquid, the seine, even the light source was so specific; and it was funny. go see it!
Karina Allrich said…
Glad you liked the flick - just stopping by to say hey, and touch base. I've just learned I am uber-allergic myself - so am expanding my gluten-free status to include peanut/almond free, egg-free, dairy-free, soy-free...with a gaggle of other culprits. Ack.

hypoallergenic hugs,

Karina ;)
Allergic Girl said…
oh jeez! how/when/why? was this part of the testing you had been doing? hmm well welcome goddess! let me know if i can help in any way. maybe we should start a allergy blog webring?
Thanks for the review! Yes I was planning on taking the older guy. He's 5 and can sit for a while. The Little Guy would still be bouncing off the walls and would be done in 5 minutes :) Glad to hear it's good. Maybe one day next week we'll go for a little Mommy/son time.
Allergic Girl said…
i would think for a kid with food allergies or one who's brother has them, watching a movie all about food would be esp entertaining. i know for me food was a big draw.

actually probably the rat thing is going to be more interesting to kids... ;-)

but it has something for everyone even mommies and daddies! [do i sound like an ad?]
Karina Allrich said…
Without getting too graphic on ya - celiac disease causes so much gut damage that proteins can pass thru the digestive track into the blood - and the body [natch!] sees these food proteins as invaders. Our hyper-active immune system goes into overdrive. Allergies ensue.

Fun, eh? ;)

The most common food allergy linked with celiac is casein - or dairy - allergy. Soy is probably a close second.

Thanks for your support and encouragement - I appreciate it!


Just found your blog today (and love it!)...and see Karina has found it already. :)

Yes, a food sensitivity webring would be awesome! :D
Allergic Girl said…
glad you found me--yes, yes let's do create a food allergy webring!

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