Creature Comforts

This Allergic Girl's favorite clay-mation guys have finally migrated to the US. And CBS has picked them up! You may know them as the brilliant team behind the Wallace and Gromit movies or Chicken Run.

They started out making shorts, taking interviews with regular folks about benign topics and animating them with animal characters. [They also did some ads for utility companies in the UK that were funny].

My family especially giggles at the Brazilian jaguar [I think that’s what it is] taking about needing “space” and how he likes to eat “meat”.

You gotta watch. Simply brilliant!


Weatherboy said…
The CBS ones are good but the old BBC ones are better. You can get them on DVD. I dunno - the British ones are just funnier than the American ones.
Allergic Girl® said…
i thought it was just me. i totally agree. maybe it's the accents...

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