The company was excellent; the dinner made me a little unwell, sleepy, and I was suddenly slurring my words a little. Odd right? And no, I didn’t drink.

I had grilled Portobello mushroom salad, a taste of some Italian-style chicken livers, and a Caprese salad.

About halfway through my first Portobello mushroom, I started to feel a little funny. Not hive-y nor itchy, although I did start to sneeze like some pollen has just blown in, but I was struck by extreme fatigue, the kind where you feel drugged.

I’ve had this before from food, not often, not in a while but I recognized it immediately as what I think is a form of an allergic reaction.

I don’t have data to back it up. Nor a name for it. All I have is this anecdote that halfway through this lovely dinner with old family friends, I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t enter the conversation; I had entered fogland. It wasn't pleasant, especially as the conversation about a 4-week stay in New Zealand.

PS: I just found this article about allergic fatigue related to mold/fungus. Could this have been due to the mushroom which is a fungus? Seems unlikely but maybe.


Shauna said…
THat sounds like the exact same symptoms I have when I get some gluten by mistake. Could that be you as well?
Allergic Girl® said…
i just don't know.

i dont believe i'm allergic to gluten [GI distress yes] and this meal really had no gluten in it--mushrooms and caprese salad.

but that fog, i've heard tell of it on the blogs and boards. it was not good.

if you have any more insight into it, id appreciate any websites, info, that would help explain it.

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