Because I raised the Sopranos issue a few weeks back when it started up again, just one word about the ending: brilliant.

Here's a quote that a friend sent:" 'It is the most subversive television series ever because it makes you like the monster,' said Mr. Bogdanovich, who was still mulling the last scene. 'You don’t know what you’re waiting for. It’s the perfect use of suspense. You are trapped, not wanting anything to happen, but wanting something to happen. It’s very vicious. You’re left with any number of imaginings. What the f*** happened? Which shows you’re bloodthirsty also'."

Here’s some dialogue about it.

But again I say: finally a TV finale that doesn’t completely wimp out. Yes, I mean you SATC!


Heather said…
I agree with you. I liked the ending. It would be disappointing if they tied it up all neatly with a bow.
Unknown said…
yup, I agree! A great finale ....


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