Anything but Love

My beautiful, talented, and truly inspirational friend Isabel’s movie is on Lifetime Movie Network this week so excuse me if I gush a little. I’m just so proud of her accomplishments. Check it out if you love cabaret, standards, or a sweet love story.

Oh and fabulous costumes.

I visited her on the set the day they were shooting the girls peeking in on Eartha Kitt’s set. Everyone came that day, even the actors who weren’t needed on set; Eartha is just that hot. Cameron, who played Greg, was there, carrying his new baby boy, so cute. And of course we were all in awe of the amazing Miss Kitt meowing her stuff on the stage.

I was with Isabel in the makeshift dressing room. Her costumers, on an independent film budget, pulled together all vintage pieces, all the time. Every outfit is a one of a kind and a perfect fit for Miss Is.

Oh did I mention she kisses former brat-packer Andrew McCarthy? Of Pretty in Pink fame, who didn’t want to kiss him in 1986? We had a little giggle about that (and yeah, he’s a good kisser).

When you see this movie you see a woman, Isabel, who wouldn’t take, “No, you can’t” for an answer. Who had a dream and literally made it happen. One of the many reasons she inspires me every day.

She makes it happen. She makes her LIFE happen. With grace.

That’s my girl.


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