City Bakery and Wheat-Free

Well, it seems Murray heard this AG about getting down with some vegan goodies [including wheat-free] but the sound waves must have gotten muddled because he didn’t quite get it-replacing wheat flour is just the beginning.

Here’s an update from the street via Ms. Scones: “So I was at City Bakery today buying some overpriced fruit salad, and I saw that they have these new "wheat-free" apple miso muffins. Interesting development, but it doesn't do that much good for celiacs if they're not gluten free. I asked if they were GF in addition to being WF, and the clerk was entirely baffled. I asked if there might be oats in it, and she didn't know.”

C’mon Murray, what’s the point of bothering to make a wheat-free muffin and not training your staff? It’s not like wheat-free is the new “low-carb diet”. Wheat is one of the FDA’s 8 major allergens. For celiacs, all gluten needs to be avoided. For gluten-sensitive folks like me, I don’t need the tummy issues for a couple of days, thank you very much.

Poor effort on City bakery’s part. And over-priced? They’ll have to do better to get my business.


Wolfmaiden said…
I am really glad to hear that someone else out there is allergic to so many things like I am.Not that I am glad that you have allergies- they truly suck! The nightshade family, ie. tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, peppers...wheat, barley, and many highly processed foods. It is so frustrating trying to eat only foods that I am not allergic to. First it's expensive and I have found that the foods I am allergic to, I crave! I don't know what kind of symptoms your food allergies give you ( I would be very interested to know), but mine consist of a bloated abdomen, pain around my ribs and lower back, lethargy, headaches and I am pretty sure it affects my depression. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to make it more cost effective and on how to beat the cravings?
Allergic Girl® said…
hi wolfmaiden,

thanks for writing. sorry to hear you are having such cravings. i've heard anecdotally that we often crave that which makes us ill.

and what miserable symptoms. have you seen a doctor? you must immediately. and then i would highly suggested getting tested by an allergist and discussing your symptoms with them.

as for cost effective, buying local from farmers markets helps--processed foods esp organic ones are costly. fresh fruits and veggies less so.

my food allergies result in hives, itchy throat, itchy ears, facial edema, asthma and worse.

what you are describing sounds like food intolerance to me which usually involves the GI tract and the symptoms you describe. [versus allergies in which the immune system is activated]

i hope this is helpful to you--go to an allergist!!! ;-) best of luck...

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