Bandwagon Alert

Kellogg’s was on last month’s alert for jumping on that increasingly lucrative Organic bandwagon.

This month I’ve stumbled upon another suspect. Shopping in a Stop and Shop in upstate NY, they have a decent organic/whole foods section, I stumbled upon a new product from Domino. Yes, they have leapt into the fray offering not merely organic sugar but Demerara as well. Fancy that.

Pix of the sugar:

And perhaps, if I were still using store-bought refined sugar, I might consider this as an option. However, over a year ago I completely eliminated refined processed sugars. Sugar was making my tummy very unhappy and with its deletion, my body is much happier.

However, the machine behind SUGAR is an insidious and wily adversary. Have you noticed how many organic and whole foods items are now made not with “sugar” but evaporated cane juice? What is sugar but cane juice processed to hell? How do they keep slipping it in there? Is the sugar lobby as large as the NRA?


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