Beans On The Bone

Buying fresh beans in the pod instead of beans in the can is a bit like buying a whole chicken, neck and gizzards included. Whilst I know exactly what to do with canned beans or dried beans [or for that matter, chicken breast filets], beans on the bone are a different matter.

For the last two weeks, I’ve seen Cranberry beans, also known as Borlotti beans, hanging out at my local green market. They’re overflowing in plastic milk crates; sometimes next to green pods that frankly don’t look nearly as inviting or as mysterious. I think these beans have a subtle siren call because of that amazing pod.

The cranberry pod is long and naturally decorated in a white and red swirl pattern, like Florentine marbled paper.

It looks at once festive and foreboding. Crack open the husky pod and a white bean with a red swirl is revealed, waiting to be magically transformed into something delicious.

And that is my task as I finally heeded the call of the cranberry and brought some home.

Typing in fresh cranberry beans in my trusty google this link came up. That is what I will try first, keeping it simple. Stay tuned.


Heather said…
Mmm. Looks good. You're tempting me to pick some up, since I've never tried them, but like you, always see them lurking around.
Allergic Girl® said…
Yes, these beans are lurkers...but in a good way. Try some!

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