Trader Nos

Oh, I tried, I really did. I wanted to LOVE Trader Joe's but here's the thing--every single thing I picked up to put into my basket said, "Made in a facility that also processes tree nuts." That even included a vanilla bean from Madagascar!

There was not one thing I could buy with impunity. And I wanted to. Really. The prices were so great, $2.99 for organic strawberries which were $4.99 at Whole Foods.

Is it because they work directly with producers and don't manufacture products themselves so they can't say exactly how a product was handled or produced and need to cover their bases by placing the "made in a nutty facility" label? Maybe. But a disclaimer on every product?

I'd love to hear from them about this. I know they have a gluten-free program, why no nut-free section?


Heather said…
Oh no! Yes, their prices are so good for many of the same things that WF carries. Their gluten-free waffles and pasta are good too (but probably not free from nut contamination). I'm still going to WF quite a lot, despite that post I wrote way back when. :) We are lucky we don't have to worry about the cross-contamination problem.

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