How Quickly I Forgot

I know, I know, I just complained about too much meat. And I really did think I could keep it veggie for a few days straight, especially as my bday is coming up and I want to look extra fabulous for the celebrations. But here’s the thing: when one has food allergies and intolerances--and is away from home--what takes little prep and is easy? Meat. It’s also easier to order in restos. Yes, anything can come pistachio encrusted, but most places have a plain grilled chicken or steak on the menu and when in doubt, being a newly-minted-meat-eater has made eating out much, much easier.

I’m upstate. Again. Because of work, I’ve been traveling between NYC and what feels like another world away in upstate NY. I’m near Storm King Mountain, an amazing 400 acres that houses huge outdoor installations. Worth checking out if you haven’t been.

However, I’m here to work, not tour. And when I’m not working, I need to eat. So although it picturesque up here, the air is clean and brisk, the deer bold and unafraid and the trees in peak fall foliage, the question about what to eat is on my mind. Especially as I eat every three or so hours. Especially as I have food allergies and intolerances. Especially as I’m far from my natural route for food gathering i.e. whole foods, fairway, greenmarket or a nice dinner out somewhere new and chic.

Eating meat has made the eating-away-from-home-endeavor much easier. And I'm totally capable of cooking veggies in all kinds of ways. And there's a cool organic farm about 20 minutes away and farm stands all around up here: really nature's bounty, thy name is upstate NY. However, if you want a quick bite that's not fast food, Chinese or pizza in upstate NY you are out of luck; since I’m gluten, dairy, soy and sugar free, my luck exists even less in that one regard.

Without much thought but looking for something "fast", I stopped into the local Key Food and picked up the best basic I could find: a Bell & Evans chicken. I remember buying these chickens back when I first started making dinners for my family in my young teen years. I made great chicken soup, chicken fingers and pineapple chicken stir-fry [my own recipe] with those antibiotic-free chickens. They were the only ones available that we knew of and they made every chicken dish so much better; worlds above and beyond any Purdue.

But now at 10pm I’m kind of kicking myself a little for not getting more creative and going for easy and meaty. I’ve had chicken twice today and I’m already over it. Maybe tomorrow I will cook up a storm. But then again a big storm is headed this way, so it may be chicken and rice for bfast, snack, lunch and dinner if we lose power.

And then I’m back where I started. Chicken with a side of chicken. Yuck. Over meated.

PS: I had it in mind that this blog was going to be about how to buy good basics even when one is far from the known. Hmm I think I got sidetracked. I blame the chicken.


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