More Organic Bandwagon News

After some wild weather, I ventured out, slowly, on slick roads paved with yellow leaves. Autumn has come in with full gale force today. And now that’s it’s no longer treacherous out, it’s really splendid.

After last night’s post I was doubly determined to have veggies today and cut down on the chick-chick. So I went to the local store Key Food to get some apples for baked apples and some black beans for rice and beans.

Firstly, they had organic Gala apples. I snapped those up. Then, poking about the pancake and syrup aisle, I came upon Camp, the best Maple syrup around, back in the day. And now, yes you guessed it, they have an organic version. Hmmm.

Then, I had half a thought to make some quick chicken soup with the chicken. So ambling over to the soup aisle, what has Swanson done but made an organic chicken stock, in that box.

And finally we needed some eggs and Key Food has their own brand of organic eggs!

Intriguing. Here I am in generic New England town, in a Key Food, not a high end, gourmet grocery but a nice normal little grocery store and they are stocking organic. And the big companies are making organics to stock.

I can’t decide if I’m delighted or skeptical: I think I’m a bit of both.


Anonymous said…
No matter how organic it might be, real maple syrup doesn't come from Canada... or Grade B, please!
Allergic Girl® said…
grade b--look at you! after marrying a vermonter, i should expect no less. so true on both counts. but as i said, as a kid in NYC, CAMP was da bomb.

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