Dinner Detox

Even after a solid year of meat eating, after 17 years of not, I still consider myself a newly minted meat-eater. So, after Sunday night’s dinner of lamb with a side of steak I felt it was time for a tummy rest. I will stick to a nice veggie-ful diet for the next week—even though the leftover lamb chops are singing a chilly siren song in my freezer, ready to be defrosted and reheated, damn them!

So, last night I threw together a veggie plate for one. Actually, I unconsciously recreated what a friend of the family, the infamous Harriet, once made: the Jackie O plate.

Harriet claimed that She ate this every day for lunch: avocado, mozzarella slices, bean salad, fresh steamed beets and fresh steamed corn. Where Harriet received this particular information nugget no one thought to ask: it’s a yummy plate, so we didn’t really care.

But coincidentally, I was at Sarabeth’s a few years ago and Mama Sarabeth, that is Sarabeth’s actual mother, who was hostess-ing that morning, came over to our table told me that Jackie O used to come in often and that I very strongly resembled a young Jackie O. Ha. Very nice compliment indeed.

So really it’s all about Jackie O. And the veggie plate, without the mozzey this time. And it was delish.


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