Yum Yom

Last night was the final night of the ten-day celebration of the Jewish New Year. My mother and I hosted a select group of friends who feel like family. And really, what better way to celebrate than with the people you have *chosen* to be part of your extended family? I can’t think of anything more joyous. It was a wonderful evening, filled with laughter and very filled tummies.

The traditional Ashkenazi Yom Kippur breakfast menu is diary and breakfast-y even though it’s held at sundown: orange juice, bagels, cream cheese, lox, egg salad and tuna salad. Our break fast was catered by the very exclusive Fresh Direct. We added some fill-ins for the vegetarians from Fairway, mainly Israeli salads from Sabra.

[Sadly I discovered Sabra, my favorite hummus company, also makes hummus with pine nuts mixed-in. An email to them last March proved very unsatisfactory.


I don’t know about pine nuts—I had them at least once that I can recall: in an artichoke-in-pesto dish about 25 years ago and I had no reaction. Pine nuts are one of those foods that I avoid because basically I just don’t know if I'm allergic to it.

Here's an interetsing breakdown of nuts, seeds and drupes and which is what. I think I may need to make a study of that list, because as it stands now, no more excellent Sabra foods for me. However, there was an unopened container left after dinner was cleared; I decided to take it home and try it again. We shall see.]

These days, with the dairy-wheat-sugar-soy-free lifestyle of mine, a Yom Kippur breakfast includes all the delicious things I cannot eat. My break fast consisted of egg salad with rice crackers and some fruit for dessert; no babka [although it usually has nuts anyway so I’ve never had one], no teacakes, no macaroons even, too much sugar. Don't cry for me as I really don’t long for a bagel with cream cheese, but the memory of breaking the fast at my Omah’s in Brooklyn, with fresh juice and bagels and lox is the one to which I hold fast and compare all against. So despite a lack of the usual suspects on my break fast plate, the warmth of our intimate gathering more than made up for any sesame with a schmear.


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