Leftovers Leftover

Don’t you hate it when someone reads your culinary mind? Take this article for example. I had just this very thought last night as I came home completely meat laden from another dinner, this time with the Florida Sales force, at Brasserie.

Danny, Cuban sales guy from Miami, was strong-armed into ordering the 32-ounce rib eye by the Big Boss. He ordered it “black and blue—Pittsburgh style”. I’m so out of the meat world loop, or rather had been for the last 17 years, that I had never heard of this expression. It sounded quite ugh but was in fact tastier than I imagined.

Danny loved his steak it but as he’s only visiting there was no place for the leftovers to go, except on my plate and to my home. He gently and lovingly, for this was an incredible steak, placed the center cut on my plate and said “Here, for your lunch tomorrow”. I already had half of my 12-ounce sirloin laying quite demurely on my plate waiting for Brasserie’s green-insulated doggie bag. As generous as Danny was I couldn’t help but think, “Oy! Meat with a side of meat. Now what am I going to do with it?”

My meat eating these last few months has been a world wind of goodness. I have definitely formed a little sirloin gut, which I’m certain the finest of men will find as adorable as I. But this state of fridge affairs doesn't help:I have buffalo meat spoiling in my freezer, caching all kinds of freezer burn as it’s been there longer than 3 months [my freezer only has a three month waiting period. After that all hope is lost and food must be tossed]; I have a 10-ounce sirloin from Omaha steaks, a small present to myself over the summer; I have about three portions of a brisket I made about two months ago also in the freezer; I have two lamb chops in my freezer, cryovac-ed from a great dinner two Sundays ago; AND I have TWO 6 to 8-ounce pieces of prime meet sitting in a doggie bag in my fridge.

What to do, this will all only last so long. Should I have a meat-ho-down Sunday night at my house? Should I squirrel it all away for January and have a meat-a-thon then? Food only lasts so long. And since I got food poisoning when I was 12 from reheated three-day-old pork fried rice and was in the hospital all night long wretching, I’m loathe to keep food very long in the fridge for fear of a repeat. I mean it is a luxury of meaty-riches, but a girl can only eat so much meat!


Heather said…
Funny! Tee-hee. :)

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