Mulling It Over

With fall weather comes some seriously yummy foods. And now that I’m eating meat again, I cannot wait to tuck in and enjoy. There is a braised beef at Craft that had my name on it three years ago. That might be my first stop when it’s time to hunker down.

But given that these final lovely days of Indian summer have been of the 70 degree variety, I’m not quite ready to indulge in those heavy, braised meats and wine-y stews, not yet. However, I am ready for some hot mulled cider.

The other day, I was flipping through the channels and stumbled upon a great idea. Well, ok, you caught me--I turned on the TV expressly to catch the two "30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray" shows that are on back to back at 6pm.

I don’t always love her concoctions as many times that’s just what her recipes are: odd mish-moshes. But her show oftentimes serves as a reminder to make something yummy like hamburgers with a side salad of orange, fennel and radicchio or in this case brew up some hot mulled cider. Rachel’s was spiked and topped with whipped cream—no booze or dairy for Allergic Girl.

I realized I had bought some cider at the greenmarket on Saturday. I had whole cloves from Kalustyan’s in the spice cupboard [one of the best places to get a small amount of any herb or spice you could dream of. But beware, lots of nuts sold there. ] I had cinnamon. And I had a fresh novel orange to zest. I had all the makings of some yummy fall goodness right in my kitchen. Love when that happens.

Then there’s that warming apple cider cinnamon smell, like pumpkin pie: sweet, wholesome and luscious all at once. So good. I'm glad I'm not allergic to apples!


Heather said…
MMM, sounds "yummo" (to quote Rachael Ray)...I may just have to make the spiked variety. :)

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