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Food Allergy Counseling
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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Green Drinks

This Allergic Girl went to a surprisingly fun event last night. Surprising because cocktail parties in New York can be notoriously clique-y affairs: clumps of people never breaking eye contact with the friends they brought; impossible to break into.

But this was all that a networking event should be: a venue with multiple spaces that allowed for great flow[it was at The Park ]; name tags so you could remember names and see what companies people work with/for; and participants who came to talk to people they didn’t already know!

It was a friendly, open group, many on the entreprenurial side, many in their mid-30s, all green focused. Say hey to some new friends: Jim, Mike, Eugene, Gil, Gary.

There are Green Drinks in many cities but if you don’t see yours listed, you could start one!


Jonah said...

>Say hey to some new friends: Jim, Mike, Eugene, Gil, Gary.

hmmmm, AG,
Weren't there any females at the event? LOL!!


Allergic Girl said...

LOL, it was tipped to the masculine side.