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Went to an excellent art opening last night at Tamarind showcasing my new favorite contemporary artist Mahjabin Mahjumdar. A Bengali beauty, she produces large canvases filled with her face as the backdrop to color, texture and the interplay between nature, animals, dream and past-life imagery. Frida Kahlo seemed to be an influence.

Afterwards, we went for a casual diner at Better Burger . At the last food show I attended, the Brandt boys said they were privately supplying meat for the chain but soon it would be labeled as such. And lo, last night the classic burger said “Brandt Beef”.

I had a well-done burger, no bun, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle and BB’s baked fries which are too good. And since no deep fryer, no cross-contamination to worry about. It was still greasy, in that yummy burger way, and very filling for a humid summer night. Truthfully, all I wanted was a salad so I was overly full. Maybe next time I’ll try a turkey dog and salad, that is if they’ll show me the package with the ingredients.

In sum: I wouldn’t go every night, cos it’s still a burger with fries but for an organic/natural/no fried treat every now and then, yeah, I'll be there.

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Celiac Guy said…
This may have changed and you may wish to double check; however you and your readers may wish to review this email from Better Burger I received 3/8/2007

I was just watching service today and found out that occasionally we heat our veggie burgers in the same machine as the fries. The veggie burgers contain wheat, so to be on the safe side, i do not recommend the fries as an option.

Our fries are not fried - we bake them, but they are pre-cooked and come from Belgium, the ingredients I have are: Belgium made Frites BIO Organic French Fries – organic potatoes, organic sunflower oil & organic dextrose, salt & pepper

Also, cooked on the same grill are our beef & turkey hot dogs.

Beef Hot Dog: Organic beef, sodium lactate (from beets), sea salt, organic garlic, organic celery juice, organic spices, organic paprika, lactic acid culture (not from dairy).

Turkey Hot dog: Organic turkey, water, sea salt, celery juice, organic spices, organic paprika, organic garlic, lactic acid starter (not from dairy), organic onion

Although the ingredients may not contain gluten products (not sure regarding above products), I am always concerned with cross contamination of products with gluten, since many items touch similar surfaces.
Allergic Girl® said…
hmm this is very interesting and a bit troubling about cross contamination.

celiac guy: with whom did you speak/email?

regardless, this warrants an email to the company, maybe to get more information about their cooking practices.

thank you bringing this important info to light!
Celiac Guy said…
Yes, I thought you may wish to know that you want to be careful with the fries and cross contamination issues. They were very helpful and polite and anxious to learn!!
Allergic Girl® said…
yes i would! thank you!
i just sent them an email thru their websit. if i don't hear back by next week, i'll follow up with a call and get their response to your comment. good work CG!
Karen said…
How are you doing with the various sauces at Better Burger? I eat them anyway, but I find I have some discomfort.
Allergic Girl® said…
hey karen,
sorry to hear you've had tummy trouble.

i generally don't eat commercial condiments b/c of the sugar [e.g. corn syrup] quotient.

but i'm meeting with BETTER BURGER next week to discuss issues relating to allergies/GF.

more soon.
Karen said…
I try to avoid condiments as well, but I can't seem to get enough of their wasabi dipping sauce. Thank you SO MUCH for meeting with them to discuss these issues! That's fantastic. :)
Allergic Girl® said…
ooh wasabi and burger, that's sounds kinda good.

and yeah, after the commment celiac guy posted i felt i had to get in touch with them to sort it out.

i'm meeting with them monday to eat and chat. so updates soon!

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