Gluten Free at the Fancy Food Show

Both organic and gluten-free were in abundance at the Fancy Food Really Big Shew. Exciting! I saw some old friends and met some new ones. Roll tape:

-I met the Cherrybrook Kitchen folks. A GF pancake mix is rolling out into markets now but they’d love to hear suggestions from the GF community. I suggested less sugar or at least healthier sugars, whether agave or maple or honey based in the GF products. If you have thoughts, let me know or email them!

-I also met Eric from the Glutino/Gluten-Free pantry group and asked them about their nut-free-ness. This comes up frequently for me with gluten-free companies: they're strict about gluten free but nuts or other allergens simply aren’t their focus thus they can make no guarantees. I understand but Gluten-Free Pantry’s products are just so good, I want them to be certified nut-free as well. Eric and I will have a conversation about this post fair and I’ll keep you updated.

-These three beaded guys were having a party in their booth, so I had to stop in and check them out. Of course, they handed me the one flavor of lollipop that I wouldn’t want: mango, I’m a bit allergic to the real stuff. But then I received a pomegranate one and all was well. I know you’ve seen these guys and these pops: they’re organic, gluten free, corn syrup free and all yummy. In fact their company is called yummy earth. Insider scoop: butterscotch and root beer flavors are on the way. Woo hoo!

-The Edward and Sons folks were there and they have a much bigger line of GF products than what’s represented at Fairway or WF. I’m a major rice cracker fan but there’s so much more, very exciting.

- Remember the croissant the Ms. Guide delighted in? Well, I met the I Can Eat It folks yesterday. And yup, I ate it! A flaky, VERY butter-y, crescent roll. I had another one with eggs this morning, see the layers? Impressive feat of gluten-free baking. I love these folks and these products and can’t wait to see more of them around.


Is that a gluten free brownie I see at Cherrybrook Kitchen's? We would love that at the house of Chupieandjsmama :)Pancakes are easy for me to do on my own. But brownies would a bonus. How about a chocolate chocolate chip cookie?
We love Gluten Free Pantry but are wary of them too. Let me know what else you find out. I would LOVE to be at this show. I'm glad you are filling us in on all this wonderful stuff.
Allergic Girl® said…
no just a regular allergen-free brownie. ;-( they werent serving GF at the show but yes i will keep you informed.

ps happy birdthay to the little man--such cute pix, and he was a gorgeous infant!
Thank you! Cherrybrook Kitchens saved us this year on the cake so I am now their biggest fan (sugar overload or not, that cake held together) :)
Karen said…
The best pancake/waffle mix I've had is totally excellent and also sugar-free. I eat it several times a week!

Namaste foods
Allergic Girl® said…
lol, i just had GF pancakes this morning from arrowhead mills.

where do you buy NAMASTE here in NYC? i haven't seen it yet...but it looks good and allergen free!
Karen said…
You can get it at Fairway in Red Hook. Or, I just buy directly from them ( and they ship it to me in a couple of days. Totally worth it. (I usu. just have it delivered to work.)

I think Namaste foods pancake mix is better than all the rest, and it really makes fantastic fluffy waffles, too. I make a big batch, eat some and freeze the rest. It's really one of my favorite gluten-free things.

I've even had waffle parties, and my "normal" friends have enjoyed my gluten-free waffles, too.

Thanks so much for your blog, btw. I can't believe I only just discovered it now....
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks so much for the NAMASTE suggestion, looks great!

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