Three Oddly Fancy Items

I’m sure there are more but these three caught my eye.

- Nip N Tang -fruited horseradish sauces. I overheard the rep saying he couldn’t quite stand by the blueberry version but apricot was his favorite. Uh, ok.

- A rose water drink, sort of. Lovely packaging, but the product, well, imagine drinking what a rose smells like. Plus sugar. It’s a nice idea but it seems more gimmick than substance. Rose-tini anyone? Rose-pagne? Rose-sour?

-Drinkable gazpacho anyone? No? How about a carrot bisque with chicken stock slurpee? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love a low-salt, vegan, veggie juice alternative to V-8, but I don’t think Go Appetit is quite there yet.


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