No Reservations

The last movie I saw this weekend…

Even though I suggested that we go to this film, it was with serious reservations [no pun intended]. I saw Mostly Martha when it came out a few years back and loved it. Take one beautiful Chef/perfectionist, whose obsession with food and her work has left her alone and isolated, add in the death of her sister and the inheritance of her niece, it all equals a touching crack in Martha's lonely life, enough to let in a good man and a sweet child to love her.

Frankly, I wasn’t looking for a Hollywood version to replace my German rhapsody. But again, my desire for a sweet, happy ending, chick flick meant this movie suddenly rose to the top of my short list of must-sees.

For the first two thirds of the movie, I was almost impressed by how closely this thoroughly Hollywood-ized version stayed to the original. That and how impossibly beautiful Catherine Zeta-Jones, almost as much when I first saw her in The Darling Buds of May in the early 90s.

After that, it was all downhill, fast, into a icky montage of gooey love scenes on a bicycle build for three. Really. The last third dissolved into a sugary-mass of Hollywood propaganda. I saw it with a packed audience of eager Upper West Siders who seemed to enjoy it. My movie date and I were less amused.

If you love food, and chefs, and indie/Euro flicks, rent Mostly Martha. I promise, it's worth it.


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