Blogger Questions and Presidential Debates

Cynthia Samuels at Revolution Health sent this blogger opportunity to me for all of YOU!

You still have time TODAY to get those cameras and questions and USB plugs going! Ok, ok, I have no idea how those videos get onto YouTube; but I bet you know- go for it!

From Cynthia:

"How many times have you watched a political debate and thought “I could ask better questions than that!” You can. In this summer’s two CNN and YouTube presidential primary debates – one Republican and one Democratic, the questions won’t come from conventional journalists – they’ll come from you! Get your issues into the conversation – either by submitting questions to YouTube or following up on with comments and questions."

"Here’s how: A selection of video questions submitted to YouTube will be “rolled in” as the questions put to the candidates during the debate. For the Democratic debate, any 30 second question submitted at YouTube BEFORE THE END OF JULY 22nd [TODAY!!] has a chance to be chosen. You can submit questions for the first debate up to and including this Sunday July 22nd at youtube/debates."

WHO: CNN, YouTube and the presidential candidates

WHAT: Democratic and Republican Presidential primary debates on CNN

WHEN: Democrats on Monday July 23rd from 7 to 9 pm EDT

Republicans on Monday September 17th from 7 – 9 pm EDT

WHY: To bring Americans into the political process at a new level


Cynthia Samuels said…
You can also comment and discuss on after the event!
Allergic Girl® said…
thanks cynthia!

question: was july 22 the deadline for questions for both debates?
Cynthia Samuels said…
No no no! Just for the Dems.

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