Revolution Health and Oprah

Did you see the recent ep of Oprah where she featured Steve Case and Miraval, in Arizona? It looked great: both active and restful; a work out for the both body and a spirit; a complete retreat. Who wouldn’t love that, sign me up!

Oprah and Steve Case have formalized that relationship to a working partnership and have produced an Oprah woman’s conference. Truth be told, the feminist in me loves women centered activities. And this, although taking place at the end of hurricane season, sounds like a lot of fun.

My contact at Revolution Health, Cynthia, let me know about this special offer so I could pass it on to you:

“Revolution Health has joined forces with O, the Oprah Magazine as a sponsor of the O You! Conference on September 29 in Miami. To celebrate, Revolution Health is offering visitors to a chance to win one of five trips for two to the conference in Miami.”

“The contest won’t be announced in the press until Monday but I want to give you and your readers a preview today. The O You! conference is expected to draw several thousand women and will feature speakers including financial expert Suze Orman, exercise physiologist Bob Greene, life coach Martha Beck, heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, and others. Revolution Health, which is led by AOL founder Steve Case, is an official title sponsor of the event.”

“Entering the sweepstakes is easy. From the “O Guide” home page at, visitors can click on the contest form and sign up to enter. Each visitor is eligible to enter once per day. The first sweepstakes closes on July 21 and we’ve got four more after that.”

I happen to love Miami Beach, so I’ll be doing a lot of clicking. Good luck to you all!


Weatherboy said…
Sep 29 - not near the end of hurricane season, very close to the middle (in terms of actual activity).
I haven't spent a night away from the kids yet. But I would leave them in heart beat for Oprah :)
Allergic Girl® said…
steve--that's what i get for being buddies with an atmospheric physicist--too much hurricane info. sigh. thank but if oprah calls im going! ;-)

zum--now that is love.

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