Harry Potter

Did you see it yet?

I went last Friday with a cheering, sighing, laughing, exuberant crowd of adults, kids, teens, and two dear girlfriends who were similarly entranced. We couldn’t stop talking about it afterwards, that and what we think will happen in the last book, of course.

A mini- review: this was a darker, more adult film. Gadgets and tricks were at a minimum, no Quidditch either. They cut a lot out that had been fully indulged in the book. Or only a passing reference was made to subplots and backstory in order to stay with the one strong emotional through line that was repeated again and again. This is not necessarily a fault, just the opposite; I think it was a shrewd move on the part of the HP team to focus.

We asked ourselves how does a filmmaking team make a fifth movie with foreshadowing without knowing how it all ends? The movie indicates a lot of what will happen in Book Six but does it indicate more than that?

We don’t know-how delicious!

I’ll know all Saturday because I, like millions of others, succumbed to the hype and pre-paid and pre-ordered the last book. And now you know what I’ll be doing all weekend. Reading and eating; eating then reading [an Allergic Girl has to keep up her strength during a marathon reading-fest], napping; reading and then reading some more.


Hey Allergic Girl! We have so much in common, it's scary. I too already have Book 7 pre-ordered, and plan to be in all day reading it. I had plans to see the movie last weekend, but another fan-friend insisted that I only see it in 3D/IMAX, so I'm going to see it next Sunday, the day AFTER reading the book.

Tee hee! What fun to share my HP glee! (Last time, after plowing through Book 6 in a weekend, I had to prowl the halls to find another fan to talk it all over...expect a long email later!)
Allergic Girl® said…
hey FAQ: i cant wait to talk about it with another adult! and i cant wait for saturday afternoon's delivery!! woo hoo! i might see the movie again actually, it was that good.

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