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If you haven’t already noticed, I often leave the safety of my allergen-free home and venture out, many times to catch a flick. Because I live in New York City, I have access to independent films, foreign films, and international film festivals. Although a few theaters that show primarily independent films have closed over the years, [so long Thalia 80], many have opened: the Landmark Sunshine is a favorite.

What can one do without access to an art house or independent film theater? imoovie. and Allergic Girl to the rescue!

Background: I was contacted a few weeks ago by a fellow New Yorker, Mike Brown. He has a site geared toward the independent film lover and the indie filmmaker: imoovie. Pursuant to a convo about a mutual love of indie film, this Allergic Girl will be teaming up with to expose you to the world of indie films and to introduce you to up-and-coming filmmakers. [Where indicated, info and copy provided by]

Translation: I’ll watch an indie movie, provided by imoovie, and give you my review. If it sounds good or like something you’d like as well, the movies are available at for purchase so your living room can become the art house theater of your dreams!

Some info about imoovie: “imoovie was founded to provide distribution for independent films and is committed to pursuing new and innovative approaches for distribution of independent films.” A great and much needed innovation; if you’ve ever had a filmmaker friend [or in my case a family member who’s a film producer], you know how tough it is to get into the distribution and the film festival circuit.

More from Mike: “Not withstanding quality, we understand that the majority of independent films will not realize a theatrical release or be picked up by a mainstream distributor. This should not doom a film to financial failure. Our mission is to turn a project of passion into a financial success. Filmmakers make the film and does the rest. Lovers of independent films can now go to one site to obtain information on independent film releases, film festivals, screenings and all things independent film.”

So Allergic Girl will now feature a once monthly imoovie corner. I hope you enjoy!


Unknown said…
imoovie seems to be just what we needed. as a festival goer and a movie lover, this seems to be the site that caters to me! i love this idea! i can't wait to read the reviews from your perspective!
Allergic Girl® said…
hey rubi--i know indie movies, they need some love too! glad you're on board.
Unknown said…
That sounds awesome. I always go to film festivals and wonder if I'll ever get to watch certain films again. So many indie films seriously don't get enough credit. Looking forward to the reviews.

- Chris

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