I went on a movie jag this weekend. I wanted to see only fun, uplifting, goofy and/or mindless films.

I got what I paid for.

I remember seeing the original Hairspray with Divine and Ricki Lake back in the day and thinking it was, well, horrible. John Waters playing it straight? It didn’t play well. I didn’t see the Broadway show, even though it got raves. And wasn’t intending on seeing the film but Thursday rolled around and some friends suggested going so along I went.

As I’m sure you’ve heard or read or seen on Oprah, John Travolta plays a woman, not a man in drag. He was fascinating to watch: a tour de force of feminine mannerisms, body postures, and voice inflections. Think about Tootsie, played not for laughs but for heartstrings.

It’s not Grease, I didn’t leave humming the tunes but it was sweet all the same.

I left feeling like it was time to go out dancing.


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