Bloggy Housekeeping

A nice reader wrote in asking if the restaurants I recommended were also peanut-free. [Excellent question. And the answer is that some are and some aren’t. The McNally group isn’t, for example.] But when he asked I realized that it’s one of those super obvious things that I haven’t pointed out, mainly because I usually mention that in the post. But it should go in the sidebar for easy reference, so “Restos to Applaud” has changed to “Food Allergy/Intolerance Friendly Restos in NYC”.

This title reflects that, according to my experience, the restos listed are ones where the owner, chef, manager and/or staff have two-way communication with their patrons about their food; the resto is sensitive to the needs of their patrons and may have a policy about those needs; and with ample, clear communication by the patron of any special needs, these restos should be able to accommodate.

Of course this list is based SOLELY upon my personal experience of these restaurants, after I have communicated my allergies and needs, after several visits, and based on the staff at that moment. Always call ahead and speak to the highest person in charge that you can reach about your needs.

You many also have noticed that I’ve deleted the list of “Restos to Avoid”. I think a bad review is enough.

I hope these changes make the blog easier to navigate [that and alphabetizing the lists]. Thanks to Dave for bringing this to my attention.


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