Blogger Summit

Just got back from a "Blogger Summit" hosted by NBC. It was a town meeting between NYC bloggers and NBC top brass and TV reporters. Some of the blogs represented were well-known like Gothamist , Media Bistro, Overheard in NY , Typepad , some, ahem, were less so - 130 of us total.

The gist: "erasing the line between TV and the internet" or more bluntly, we want your content and we will give you credit. We spent an hour or so talking, and then we got this. [Oy. I just saw some B roll on NBC that will be coming up on tonight’s news.]

It was a potentially interesting start to a much longer conversation and possible conversion of media. I’m curious to see what the next few weeks and months will bring. Very interesting, WNBC. [And no, Allergic Girl did not eat any of the shrimp].


Mom101 said…
I am sorry I didn't say hi - I saw your nametag and thought now she's someone who has something interesting to say. I was right!

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