Gluten-Free Beer

GF beer has been all over the press lately so I wasn’t gonna write about it. But then Ms. Lovely Scones sent me a link to this article which was a kinda sweet about a man and his gluten free beer. Maybe now I'll make some beer and meat dish, gluten-free. Hmmm. Bureka Boy, any suggestions?


burekaboy — said…
hey there :))

i say coolio for you and other drinkers of the brew. what great news for you and everyone else who likes it and misses it (and no doubt sales for the company!).

first thing i think of when putting meat and beer together is classic beer carbonnade. it's truly a great dish. can't vouch for this particular recipe but epicurious seems to be reputable enough.

want to say i stuck in a dessert for you and other gluten challenged people :) (dunno if you can tolerate lactose or not). look here if you like luscious middle eastern desserts.

enjoy your new little pleasure (beer)!
burekaboy — said…
oops! meant beef carbonnade. though i'm sure some wouldn't mind a beer carbonnade ;P
Mike Eberhart said…
One of my favorite recipes with beer in it is this gluten-free pulled-chicken (or pork) recipe my wife makes. It's got a nice flavor going between the BBQ sauce and the beer, plus the meat is wonderfully tender and delicious. I like leftovers on corn tortillas too. Just an idea.

I also just tried the A-B Redbridge I found at SuperWalmart. It's quite good! Not sure if I want to use it up in a cooked dish :)
Allergic Girl® said…
good enough to drink you say? hmmm, i'll have to give it a go. or better yet serve it at a party and see if anyone notices the diff.

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