So I was bopping around Allergygrocer and I stumbled upon vegan “Fluff”. Might I dare to dream that a future Fluffernutter, in any form [no bread for me, but maybe on a rice cake] wouldn’t be far behind?

You know what a Fluffernutter is, dontcha? They’ve been a favorite of mine well…since I found they were Eric’s favorite; he was a major childhood crush. His mom served them at his 12th birthday party; I must have been about 10. Eating them as an adult always reminded me of that crush. And of course they’re super yummy.

Since I’ve gone gluten and sugar free I haven’t had one of those delicious sandwiches. But now I might be one step closer. I was strolling through the PB aisle in Whole Foods and happened up the very same Vegan Fluff I had just noticed on Allergygrocer's site! Even though it has soy protein and I’m off soy as it upsets my stomach I couldn’t resist the possible upset for a glimpse of PB&F. [PS no issues with the soy in this post tasting]

I spooned the tub all Sunday afternoon. They’ve gotten the taste and texture pretty darn close for a completely vegan product made from Rice Bran syrup. It’s super sweet and airy. The color is less bright white than the original fluff but it’s white enough. I’m so excited to have fluff back in my life potentially. Now of course, I’ll have to stop sneaking tastes from the tub and actually have it with the PB. It’s a great product especially if, like me, Fluff was a part of your life and you’ve missed it.


burekaboy — said…
i have a container of marshmallow fluff sitting in my pantry now. think i bought it to make rice krispie squares (hmmm, lightbulb!)

never had that famous PB concotion even though the name always amused me somehow. i liked your little love story to accompany your new "decouvert".

btw...what wasn't vegan with the original?
Allergic Girl® said…
ooh lucky pantry--go use it on anything! toast even! spoon is preety good too.

and yes eric, i still love him. ;-)

and it's has egg whites i think and corn syrup. from the fluff site: "What is Fluff made from? Corn syrup, sugar syrup, vanilla flavor, and egg white."

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