"The Little Dog Laughed"

Saw an OK play: The Little Dog Laughed. I wish I had laughed more.

Everyone has been raving about this play. It tackles one of the entertainment industries’ most loathed and loved stereotypes: the fabulously shrill yet deliciously cunning agent. Here she is in all of her shrieking glory, given half of the best lines, and playing to pitch perfection by Julie White.

But Julie’s not on stage nearly enough. When she is, it seems she there just to keep the plot moving merrily along. The plot is the purchase of a play/movie for her star client to star in. She and the play are sidetracked by her star client falling into his first homosexual relationship. Or at least as close as he’s ever gotten to actually admitting he’s gay and being in something resembling a relationship. The play’s climax is our heroine, if on could call her that, stepping in to help everyone get what they want.

“What do you want?” “This is what I want?” “I don’t know what I want.” The characters are constantly saying: want. The play feels like drama class: “Yes that’s a nice characterization Ms. Smith, but what does your character waaaaaant?” It got me thinking about want: how often do you say “I want” in a day? I want a cup of coffee. I want a raise. I want a tunafish sandwich for lunch. 10 times. 25 times. Twice. Never?


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