Wow Cacao!

Saturday night, David Siegel was kind enough to comp me for one of his amazing chocolate tastings. The comp was because the chocolates were not nut-free and thus I was a spectateur but not a full participant. But David sweetly presented me with a bar of Michel Cluizel which is apparently nut-free and French so I could play along. Thanks again David!

We ended up sitting with a fun table: hey to the Venezuelans, Ruven, and Perry! And how did it all go down you ask? We sat at a medium sized table where there was water, grapes for palate cleansing and chocolate all laid out. After two seconds, the strangers at our table became buddies as David, mic in hand, walked us through a sensuous process of tasting different excellent quality chocolates; we learned about their properties and qualities like one would a fine wine. It was also somewhat of a singles mixer, which was an added surprise. The night was about two hours long. Two thirds of the way through, hilarity, chocolate drunkenness, and general mirth exploded across the many tables: the dark and powerful chocolate had kicked in and the room was a bit tough to control for poor David.

Overall a fun experience, even though I wasn't on the chocolate "high" like the rest of the room.


A chocolate tasting sounds like heaven! I'm glad there was some chocolate for you to participate with too.
Allergic Girl® said…
hee and i don't even really like chocholate but yeah it was fun!

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