Lovely Lurkers, Welcome!

Ms. By The Bay , the author of a great gluten-free recipe blog, posted a link to “National De-Lurking” week. Meaning it’s a perfect time for you lurkers, no, you friendly, supportive, loyal or newbie readers I have yet to meet out there to pop-in and say “Hey!” I’d love to hear what you’re enjoying or would like to see more of or what has been helpful.

Drop me a line, say hello; lurk no more! Or drop me a line and continue to lurk happily! Or ignore this, and lurk away!


Mike Eberhart said…
Another lurker out there? Oh, that's just me. :) Found you via GF-Bay's blog... one of the places I frequent.

Sorry to hear about all the food allergies. After reading the list of yours, I feel glad I am only afflicted with the inability to eat gluten. My wife and I post various recipes online you may want to try out, including ones that are both dairy-free and gluten-free (breads and more). They are accessible via links from my gluten-free blog if you want to check any out.

Keep up the blogging. And, here's hoping you don't have any more of those strange smells in NYC to blog about. :)
Sheri said…

I have been reading you for a few months now. Entertaining! And I sure am glad I only deal with gluten and dairy.
Allergic Girl® said…
Welcome LLs! Glad you're here.

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