Indian Music Concert

Went to a gorgeous concert last night. Light classical Indian music at The Arch. The first part of the concert was so meditative that I fell into a lovely state: swaying in my low chair, breathing soft and even, and my thoughts wandered in that nice way they can when you feel completely at peace.

Hope you've all had a peaceful Sunday.


Sheri said…
Hah. Peace and Sundays rarely go together for me. I spent it cleaning and doing laundry.

But those tasks are somewhat meditative for me anyway. I think deep GF thoughts while mindlessly pushing the vacuum and spraying allergen reducer LOL
Allergic Girl® said…
LOL. well if you notice that was saturday night--i was hoping to carry that feeling thru to sunday. i did bills and cooked and tried not to have that sunday before school feeling. sigh. ;-)
Heather said…
Sounds wonderful!!

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