Speaking of bittersweet, I’m sucking the last bit of pleasure out of every last moment here at the Regent . After a few initial blunders , my stay has been wonderful.

I’m sitting poolside as I write this. The clouds have moved in, they’ve predicted rain showers for today but no matter, the pool is still like bathwater and after eating Kobe beef burgers for the last three days, my bikini still fits, so I’m going in. Then packing up, getting into the car, and driving north to Lake Worth where I will be staying and blogging for the rest of the week.

Hotel life has good points and less good ones. One of the better points is that you walk in a stranger and by day two everyone knows your name. They make your business their business. And when they do it well, you feel like you’re coming home. Even better than home, because your only job is to relax, enjoy, be. And when a hotel gets it right, just being is the best thing you can possibly do.

I’m going to be in the pool right now to just be.


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