Monday Munchies

Steven case’s newest venture. One stop shop for health . Kinda very cool.
Jetblue founder's Mea Culpa. Not good enough. Not yet.
What’s up with the stuck ?

What’s in your cosmetics?

What’s in your Mop-n-Glow?

What's in your PB? If this isn’t a sign to go natural I don’t know what is.

And people wonder why I have Lysol wipes at my desk ?
Duh, scientists can have freaky romantic entanglements just like the rest us. Don’t forget, some of these guys and gals were the rocks stars of their day. A threesome with Madame Curie anyone?
Celiacs, you have REALLY mobilized . Allergy and immunology community take note.
Drinking and eating in the theater? C’mon. Wearing jeans to see craftspeople perform is bad enough, but to munch whilst they are emoting. Stop. Just stop!
Talk about food pix ! Everything looks so glistening, shiny, gooey, oozing. I mean that in a good way.


Lynn Barry said…
Good one!
I threw out 2111 peanut butter half gone, but the media hype scared the poop outta me so I tossed it. I don't even like the stuff but the family does and they weren't thrilled but I was taking no chances even though the first half of the container produced no known ill effects on the ingesters (?).
Great blog, AG. HUGS
Shauna said…
Hey there! The link about celiacs doesn't work. I'm dying to know what you are pointing us toward!
Allergic Girl® said…
something Celiac Chicks found--all fixed!
Anonymous said…
Thanks! I'm excited about that one.

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