SOBE Food Festival - BubbleQ

For me, Friday was all about the evening’s event: the BubbleQ .

In a massive, white tent on the beach, Moet & Chandon sponsored a tasting with top NYC and Miami chefs and Al Roker. [Al was hobbling when I saw him in the media area earlier that evening, I don't know why]. I never saw what Al's team was “cooking”; it looked like a photo op for the paying customers.

Upon entry, very tanned and tight young men stood holding magnums of champagne.[Too bad none were holding Balthazars!] Poor things, they were still standing when I left; they asked to go home with me. I didn't know where I’d put them all so I politely declined.

Patrons stood in long, curving lines for small plated portions of goodies; I did not indulge of course. I did giggle though when a woman asked Tom Colicchio if he could introduce her to...Tom Colicchio. To which he replied, "I am Tom."

Jeffrey Chodorow was wandering around, looking displeased. Not surprising given the recent Kobe Club reviews and rebuttals.

And I had a brief chat with Michael Luboff, Executive Chef of Mohegan Sun . When asked if Mohegan accommodates special requests and special needs in their massive casino, entertainment, dining and hotel/spa complex, he replied: “People email us all the time and we can take of every request, no problem. We’re like a mom and pop outfit. Even though we’re big, we can handle special needs; we do it all the time.” Excellent to know!

I met a few other chefs to whom I will be talking and hopefully reviewing their restos in the coming weeks. Mainly about BBQ. Boy oh boy, I can’t wait!


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