SOBE Food Festival – Sunday Morning

The lines in the Publix Grand Tasting tents were long. Considering how much liquor was involved, given in small portions but still downed three at a time, people seemed well behaved enough. It’s early yet.

Long lines were a main theme of this festival. Why?
-For the love of the Food Network stars? Certainly.
- For the love of getting endless little plates of different foods from top chefs? Definitely.
- For the love of endless two ounce plastic glasses of mixed cocktails? Oh yeah!
- For the love of that feeling of being in on something special, a new food product, or a new liqueur. Right on.

Speaking of which: Starbucks is now doing a bailey’s ripoff, I mean take off on a cream-based elixir.

A Green Tea Liqueur was being actively promoted and prodigiously poured. Interesting, right? I asked the young lady pouring if it was grain based.
“It’s Green Tea based.”
“ No, I mean what kind of liquor is the drink based on.”
“Um, it’s Green Tea. Um, Green, ya know?”
Yeah, I know.

I spent some quality time in the media tent. There were goody bags to be had. Question: how many magazines and brochures can a person carry? Or would want to carry? In the hot sun? Not that many. I took the Food & Wine and binned, I mean, recycled the rest.

Oh and had a quick chat with Alton Brown’s wife on Saturday: their daughter is allergic to peanuts! Small world.


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