Blogger Summit PS

So I just returned from an all too quick drinkie with Joshy at Houston’s and I’m blogging whilst tipsy. Even before the liquor, it was an interesting day reading the responses from everyone who was there last night. It was a Blog-In: kinda corporate, kinda community [a little bit country…]; a party thrown a little on the cheap, but worth being there.

WNBC did some quick “blogging” of it’s own last night and all day and posted this. I’ve been filled with a new sense of bloggy-comraderie, seeing the faces behind the magic⎯meeting bloggers I’ve only read and bloggers I’ve never read but now have.

Oddly (odd only cos I’m a big talker and am always surprised when I can talk it out but can’t write it out), I can’t seem to access a deeper thought than that and I don’t think that’s due to drink. But others have commented better here and here. And here. And others have even commented better on the comments. Hmm the buzz is wearing off and I can barely remember the point which may have been that there wasn't a point.


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