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I discovered Ricemellow fluff a few weeks back and flipped for it. Suzanne’s kindly sent along a few more things to try.

Vanilla Ricemellow Crème
Strawberry Ricemellow Crème
Chocolate Rice Nectar
Just Like Honey Rice Nectar
Organic Agave Nectar
4 Spreadable Fruits: Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, and Apricot

I gathered the usual suspects of tasters to help: Dani, yoga enthusiast, sometime raw foodie, and healthy eater; and Bo, yoga teacher, nutrition counselor, and healthy eater; and yours truly.

The best of the best:

-Vanilla Ricemellow Crème: “I really love this stuff”, “nice texture,” and “it’s not as white [as Fluff] but I’m not bothered by that, I like it better” were phrases heard around the table. Fluff was enjoyed with all natural PB on GF bread [and by the spoonful]. Here’s Dani holding a side-view.

-Chocolate Rice Nectar: “It’s ready for an egg cream,” “it’s a vegan Ubet.” Here’s Dani's knife with some of the gooey stuff, goo-ing. Oh and it's sideways.

-Just Like Honey Rice Nectar: “Very close to honey”, “slightly smoky”, “excellent.”

The second best:
We worked through the spreadable fruits, tasting alone by spoon, then on GF bread.
Strawberry had the best flavor and texture overall.
Raspberry was good but the sugar was missed.
Blueberry was edible.
Apricot was the least liked. Tasters said it was “gelatinous, like baby food”.

The least liked by me [I was the only one who tasted this]: Strawberry Ricemellow tasted chemical, like the way strawberry Quik smells; I found it inedible.

The packaging of the Rice Nectars and jams is artisanal. The facility is completely nut-free and many of their goods are organic.

Overall, terrific organic options, and that vegan Fluff. Oh my! Great work Suzanne’s !


Wow! Thanks for the review. I can't wait to try the Ricemellow. Sounds yummy and a nice treat to add to my sons list.
Allergic Girl® said…
one of the tasters suggested it would make great rice krispie treates, vegan ones!

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