SOBE Food Festival – Withdrawl

I think I’m having SOBE withdrawl. I’m still in Florida, about an hour north in the Palm Beaches and it’s stunning here.

Yes, those are my toes and my iBook. I'm at the edge of the property sitting on some outdoor wicker, having a staring contest with the giant salamander or baby lizard or maybe gecko that is crawling across the chair opposite me. Here he is, now poolside as he scampered to get away from my phone camera.

But. But SOBE is a whole different story. And SOBE filled with foodies and chefs! It was a great time. Okay. Now back to work getting you those chef interviews.


Heather said…
Ahhhh. Poolside. That's where I want to be right now. Relax and have fun!!
Anonymous said…
That was a fantastic article you wrote on New York dining in Foods Matter. I can't wait to visit the city now! Thanks
Allergic Girl® said…
heather: it's crazy beautiful here. im soaking it all in before i head back to snow!

alisa: so glad you liked it, cant wait until it comes out!

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