SOBE Food Festival – Sunday Afternoon

By the time I went back, after a quick lunch and a blog post, and an even quicker dip in the delicious Regent pool, I could smell that end of the event smell-people were riled up, giddy, drunk, sated and tired.

This became Bobby Flays’ domain. He had the last seminar of the whole weekend’s event , 5-6pm. I think he was making a grilled lobster with some kind of jerk and coconut sauce or dressing. It was impossible to tell for two reasons. The crowd had become drunk and rowdy, I mean row-dy. And that was throwing the Chef off his game, not a lot, not even a little but just enough so he kept asking what he was doing. It didn’t matter. After a full day of sun and booze, the crowd was nuts.

Bobby: “This is the craziest day of my life… I just came from doing a Kids’ seminar to this…We’re gonna send you all a DVD of this. Because in 10 days from now you’re not gonna believe it.”

They woo hooed when Bobby said: “bowl”, “jerked”, “spicy”, “lobster”, “garlic”, “grill”; when he lifted a beer to his mouth or when he couldn't find a spoon.

Shouts of I LOVE YOU BOBBY disrupted any semi-quiet moment of which there was all of none.

Chants of “throw-down” erupted every few minutes, as did shouts of "Iron Chef” although what that was going to accomplish was unclear.

Bobby not merely handled the collective frat-boy that had reared its u-gly, drunken, shaven head at 5:25pm on Sunday afternoon but he totally tamed the beast. Waves of drunken love poured from the back rows up to his stage kitchen.

Tyler Florence stopped by to pop the cork of a champagne bottle and share a glass in the madness. And Mark Summers of Unwrapped , love that show, helped pass the microphone for the Q&A. The drunken Q&A.

A really good time was had by all, even to the bitter-sweet end.


Lynn Barry said…
Sounds like a blast! Bobby Flay? No kidding. Awesome!

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