Grass Lounge

Did I mention that a lot of my landsmen are here? I didn’t realize so many Jewish men took the lessons their Bubbies taught them and made it their business. And they’re all adorable!

Did I also mention that I think Glutenfree Girl is living the ultimate allergic-foodie fantasy: marrying a chef? In my case, finding and marrying a chef who’s also a member of the tribe-oy, I’d be set!

But I totally digress.

Under the big tents, I had a quick chat with Michael Jacobs of Grass Restaurant and Lounge in Miami . They are opening an outpost of the restaurant in the newly renovated Art Deco section of town.

Michael Jacobs: Grass is an evolution-inspired restaurant. Humans are at top of the food chain and we have access to everything. With that in mind, we serve healthy food using all the ingredients available to us.

Allergic Girl: Do you work with local, organic purveryors?

MJ: Yes, absolutely! We use mirco-greens, heirloom tomatoes, “ugly” tomatoes, and hothouse cucumbers. We serve very fresh, very clean, light food. We want the main protein on the plate to speak for itself and not be masked by anything.

AG: What about if someone like me walks in and says “I can’t eat ANY fish, not at all-can you accommodate that?

MJ: Sure, we have meat, we have duck; we have two specific vegetarian dishes. We cater to our clients. We’re very hospitable. We’re paid to be hospitable in this industry and a lot of people forget that. It’s my job to make sure the customer is extremely satisfied, whatever their needs or concerns are. If our team can accomplish it within our boundaries, we’re more than happy to do that.

AG: How can a diner with dietary restrictions get the best and safest meal possible at Grass?

MJ: Firstly, communicate your needs to the reservationist. Then, when you arrive, if it hasn’t been brought to the attention of your server, talk with them or the chef and they will be happy to accommodate you.

Thanks Chef Jacobs! Hope to see you next time I’m down here, your spot looks fantastic!


ByTheBay said…
When you find a single Jewish chef who wants to cook gluten-free food, you're going to have to fight me for him or her! ;-P

Sounds like your trip is going fabulously!
Allergic Girl® said…
we'll have to look for a brother and sister duo!

and i recommend south beach highly, esp in feb- seriously expensive but the weather and the pool and the sea and the breeze and the JEWS! all terrif!

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