“I’m not hungry, I’ll just pick.”

I have a foodie blog crush on Bureka Boy and here are some greatest hits that I want to make ASAP: Oven baked fries , which look great. A spicy chickpea snack. And last but never least, limey coconut patties made with cold mashed potato. Sounds eh but looks ooooh.

In other news: How does one dehumanize food by applying neato scientific principals? Molecular gastronomy , it’s not just El Bulli anymore [via Grub Street]. Oh men, what will they think of next.

More about blogger summit from NYPost.

Lifetime really is the newtwork for women: have you seen these new workouts?

Eggs that I don’t know if even I could love. Ugh, just the thought. If I don't like these do I have to turn in my Foodie card?

But Oh red, we love you.


Wow, that Bureka Boy can cook! Those fries looked fabulous as did everything else I checked out. I love the step by step pictures too. I must add him to my favorites and visit often. Thanks for the heads up.
ByTheBay said…
You'll have to fight me for BurekaBoy!
Allergic Girl® said…
after me--he so rocks!
Sheri said…
Gack to the egg thing.
burekaboy — said…
my oh my, what flattery !! truly, i blush. if this continues, soon i'll have to start beating the girls off with my whisks LOL.

the coconut lime "fudge" does sound nasty with the potato element being part of it but trust me, you don't taste it one bit. it acts as a binder of sorts. i think you found a new way for me to make them though ... in the shape of patties and then covered in chocolate.just remember, book a dentist's appointment — they're very sweet.

as for the eggs: OMG -- those are the famous jewish "unhatched eggs" -- quite the delicacy from what the "alte-kakkers" say.

thanks again for the lovely mention ... enjoy the fries :)) for a no fat version, not too shabby :P

@chupieandj'smama -- thanks :) glad you enjoyed what you saw

@BTB - LOL LOL LOL (blush)
Lynn Barry said…
I see RED...Lovely hops and skips to fun links. Thanks!
Mike Eberhart said…
Thanks for all those links. Some entertaining reading, and that chickpea snack sure sounds fine.

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