The Chod

Something about this is very giggle worthy to me.

Perhaps it’s how seriously the Chod takes himself when I have yet to have a great meal at any of his wildly popular disasters, I mean, restaurants.

Perhaps it draws a snicker because it's such a public bitch-slap fest.

Perhaps because Bruni is just so chill about the whole nonesense, I love a man who takes the highroad, Chod's blog and his general mishegas is even snickerlier. [Yes, I made that word up]

Eater has the run-down of gory deets if you're looking for some lunchtime reading.


Heather said…
I'm with you, though I've never been to any of his restaurants. Did you see this one?
Allergic Girl® said…
yeah that review is about KOBE, the one all the fuss is about. and i wont be running there.

i went to china grill when it first opened. their specialty was impaling live lobsters in an open kitchen. no joke.
Anonymous said…
And the even funnier thing is Bruni gave this place one star (to Kobe's nil).

Also that article is the most posted one on the NYT website today. Who'd have thunk it?

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